Rental Boyfriend always aims to provide touching communication, such as handsome men using humor to make women laugh, thinking of surprises to make women happy, and having conversations that match the romantic mood. It is also a service that presents your own date planning, such as delicious restaurants, fun places, hidden spots, and secret places.

Homepage is rental boyfriend “WarmRelation"

We would be happy if women from all over the world, including China, Korea, Europe, America, and Europe, could use Rental Boyfriend,

which is very popular in Japan.

English speaking No.1Cast(Rental Boy FReind)

Alto Saotome

Weight74kgBlood TypeA
languageEnglish Japanese
Anniversary10.6Birthday 3/28
AffiliationTokyoFrom Tokyo

How to use

Thank you for visiting our site. We have summarized the main points of what kind of services WarmRelation provides, so please check it before using it. If you have any questions after checking, please feel free to contact us. What kind of site is WarmRelation

Inquiry There are several ways to contct and communicate directly with cast members. Direct mail on X(Twitter) contact line Try to reach out using the tools that are most convenient for you.

STEP1 Contact


Send a message to your rental boyfriend via email or LINE from X (Twitter)

STEP2 Decide on a date plan


While communicating through direct mail and LINE, we will decide on a date plan, including the date, time, and date situation

STEP3 Make a reservation


Click the “Reservation" button on the profile page to go to the reservation confirmation page. Please fill in the necessary information and your reservation will be completed.

STEP4 enjoy a date


On the date, go to the meeting place at the scheduled time and enjoy your date with the cast.

STEP5 About payment methods


If you wish to pay in cash,

please pay directly to the cast member before or after the date. Please see our pricing system for more information.

Regarding costs required for use When using the services of this site, you only need to pay the following three fees. There are no other costs or charges from the cast, so you can use it with confidence. You can have it. Please see below for detailed information on each cost. ・Hourly rate ・Transportation expenses ・Date cost *Can only be used with the above three items. About hourly rates Hourly charges refer to the charges incurred for using the services on this site for one hour.

★1 star cast: 3,000 yen

★ 2 star cast: 4,000 yen

★★★ 3 star cast: 5,000 yen

★★★★ 4 star cast: 6,000 yen

★★★★★5 star cast: 7,000 yen

★★★★★★ 6 star cast: 8,000 yen

Hourly rates vary depending on each cast member.

About date costs Date costs refer to the costs incurred for a date on the day you use the service (such as food and drink costs and facility usage costs).

To put it simply, all expenses incurred during a date are to be borne by the customer.

About extension fees Extension fee refers to the cost that will be incurred if you wish to extend the time on the date.

In the event of an extension, the amount listed in each cast member’s hourly rate will be required per hour.

*Please check directly with the cast member on the day of your date to find out if it is possible to extend your stay,

About payment/settlement methods Payment for usage fees will be made in cash.

cash hand delivery Please hand over the total usage fee directly to your rental boyfriend at your timing, such as before or after the date.

Cast members who can speak English

Aruro Saotome

Click here for Saotome Aruto’s profile

Weight74kgBlood TypeA
languageEnglish Japanese

Ryohei Shibasaki

Click here for Ryorei Shibasaki’s profile

Weight58kgBlood TypeA
StyleYou can get your money back, talk surprisingly, take charge hard, and use the camera.